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Am I Boring My Dog? is Edie Jarolim’s first foray into the world of dog care books. We dog lovers most likely know Ms. Jarolim from The Bark magazine but she’s also written for Your Dog and she’s the pet travel correspondent for KVOA-TV.

I love the way this book is organized. It’s very reader-friendly; you can approach it in a cover to cover fashion or flip through and read just the nugget you need at that particular moment. As easy as it is to digest it’s not at all boring. Ms. Jarolim’s unique sense of humor and practical advice make it a pleasure to read. Its individual questions and answers are grouped into ten sections with each section covering an area such as food, grooming, or games.

It’s a perfect book for anyone in the “thinking about getting a dog” stage as it covers topics such as “should I get a mixed breed or a pure breed?” One thing that sets this book and Jarolim apart from other dog care books and their authors is that Jarolim goes a step further and tackles the harder material as well, like “What if I get a dog who doesn’t like me”. Then in a brilliant observation of what the reader needs she lightens the mood with some funny-because-you-know-it’s-true points on why you should get a dog rather than a cat. It’s like that throughout the book, good information sprinkled with well-placed wit.

It’s not only a book for those new to the wide world of dogs, though. Even old hands can find some new and useful information in this gem of a book. Sections like “what should I look for and look out for in a groomer” and “what do I need to know about car travel with my dog” can teach any old dog (guardian) some new tricks.

Yet, even though the book includes information of lots of different topics it’s quite focused. You won’t be overloaded or bombarded with stats. Jarolim says in her introduction, “My prime focus is on the relationship between one person and one dog, with other people pretty much serving as support staff,” and she does keep that focus with style.

The icing on the cake so to speak is Edie Jarolim’s story. The author herself is a recent convert to dogism. Recent though it may be it’s quite a heartwarming journey from dogless Manhattan PhD to rescuer of Frankie, a terrier with his own tale. The residual effect of the author’s recent journey into dogdom reflects in her writing. The enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll want to get a copy of Am I Boring My Dog? for your dog loving friends and one for yourself as well.


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