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Miniature Monday

Have you seen these little guys? Miniature horses are becoming more and more popular as pets. I think they are adorable. This little one is a member of the family that lives up the street from my grandmother. It pretty much stays in their yard munching grass, seeming quite content but some people are even training them as assistance animals, like guide dogs. As much as I like the idea of these little guys I do worry about the trend of miniaturizing animals. I will never forget the disgust I felt one day as I paused outside a Petsmart to see a mini-dachshund only to have his owner comment about how he got way bigger than they had wanted. Animals are not supposed to be accessories, they are companions, friends even, but not accessories. Miniaturizing brings health problems, inevitably. If you are interested in such a pet I hope you will adopt. Apparently many of these little horses are killed every year, just like dogs and cats there aren’t enough homes. For more information or to donate to rescue there’s Chance’s Mini Horse Rescue, AngelWings Pony Rescue and Sanctuary, and Painted Promise Ranch just to name a few.


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