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Why I’m Voting For Barry

That’s right, I am voting for Barak Hussein Obama. His middle name doesn’t scare me! A rose by any other name….(people! It’s only a name, and one his parents picked.) Barry is going to make a great President!

I’m for Obama out of pragmatism. At our family’s income level (under 60K) he simply represents the best choice. He won’t be raising my taxes. I checked. I’m also voting for him for other reasons, though. I don’t like Palin. I don’t have any respect for someone who does the things she does. I don’t want to just vote against someone though. I want to be able to vote for someone. I want to be for choice, for hope, for progress, for the future. Barry represents those things.

I want to have America’s standing in the world back again. I know some people don’t care what others think. Well, good for them, but my skin isn’t that thick. I want to be able to be proud of my country, again. I love America, but I am embarrassed at things like Guantanamo Bay the same way a parent would be embarrassed at a 3 year-old’s public temper tantrum. I want to feel that my country is acting honorably and leading the world to higher standards.

I know exactly who the real Obama is. He’s Barry: a dad, a husband, an American. He’s a teacher. He’s a volunteer. He’s a man. He’s as ordinary as any of us. He drops his stuff in the doorway, he forgets anniversaries, (come on, who hasn’t forgot an important date!) promises his kids a puppy. He’s just a guy. If we let him though, he will be the guy who guides us into a new Golden Age. We can pick up the pieces from our moral and economic collapse and re-embrace the freedom and prosperity our forefathers intended us to have. Slough off the old nationalism, racism, and selfishness of the past that has gripped this country and become the true “shining city on a hill” that we all know we can be. Obama has awakened the activist spirit of the young for a reason.

Free market capitalism will not save us. As much as I love it, and the profits and neat stuff we can buy, there is some point at which capitalism must give way to patriotism. Patriotism- love of our country must come first. Capitalism won’t fix bridges and schools. Capitalism won’t make sure math and science are taught successfully in schools. There are some things in which the “free market” (which I think is a misnomer, anyway) has no interest. Patriotism must pull us together to rebuild our country, under Obama’s lead. We need a new version of the WPA. We need infrastructure built and jobs produced. We desperately need to get our energy under our control. We are on our knees as a nation and we need a President who will lift us up, not kick us when we are down.

Kicking us when we are down is exactly what McCain seems to think is in order. Last night’s debate, where he said that there will be no Social Security (well in fairness, he said there wouldn’t be the same kind of benefits in the future- but- also in fairness, considering how much people struggle now when they have only Social Security I can’t imagine reduced benefits being worth anything) for the next generation was a deal breaker for me. We pay a significant amount to Social Security. Everyone does, but the percentage does not change as the income lessens the way taxes do. The percentage taken hurts more the lower the person’s income is, of course. So while they take the money many of us should be investing, they make no promises to help out later. On that note, what are we to invest in? Stocks could lose their value, yet a savings account won’t beat the inflation rate. How exactly are we supposed to fund any retirement we workers may want later? Add to this the taxation of any health benefits one may receive from a company and you have an attack on the middle class. Understand, ladies and gentlemen, McCain wants to tax you on the insurance you get at work- so while your income will not go up, you’re actual take home pay will go down. (Less cash in your pocket.) Ok so he gives a $5000 tax break for the insurance you pay. So?! A year’s worth of insurance is way, way more than that. ($10,000+ for a family) That is not acceptable to me. McCain lost my vote on Social Security and taxes. That should be noted by the Republicans, for I am not a lifelong Democrat.

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